raw: june 2017

june 2017

I feel like I’m going to start every one of these with ‘wow is it already…’. But I mean, we’re half way through the year and that’s just insane. Anyway, in Melbourne it’s cold and rainy – but the sun is definitely being lovely and shining down on us regularly. On holidays, it’s been a […]

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a springboard into mindful eating


This week, I was speaking with some other hardcore foodies when the topic of mindful eating came up. I must say it’s super cool that this is becoming more mainstream outside of the dietetics arena. With apps like Headspace and Smiling Mind, mindfulness colouring books abound, yoga finding great popularity, and meditation regularly cited as something […]

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raw: may 2017

may 2017

HOW IS IT ALREADY THE END OF MAY?! My goodness, the year has whipped past. The semester is nearly over and I’m only about 6 months away from being a dietitian… Meep. Anyways, here’s a rap up of my fave 5 things from this month: 1.  It’s been so cool to see the ‘War on […]

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raw: april 2017

april 2017

With the weather cooling down and green turning to orange, April has definitely marked the beginning of a new season. I’ve been a bit of a homebody this month but that doesn’t mean a whole lot of things haven’t been going on. The year is racing by so I hope you’re taking a moment to be thankful! […]

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food swaps: connecting with food and community


What’s a food swap, you ask? To quote Local Harvest: Food Swaps are local gatherings where people swap excess homegrown produce and gardening extras. Items may include fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, seeds, seedlings, gardening tips and worm juice, but may easily extend to skills shares, stories and seasonal recipes. Swaps are generally money free and run on an […]

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raw: march 2017


How has it gone by so fast? With wacky weather, a very different and hectic schedule, and taking every opportunity that comes my way, this month has been crazy. Here’s my highlights from March 2017. What were your favourites moments? 1. This month I received the Autumn edition of the beautiful Slow Magazine. I received a subscription for Christmas, […]

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raw: february 2017


I thought I might start doing a monthly sum up of five things I’ve loved each month. February has been an interesting one – a month of a lot of change but there’s also been so many exciting things going on. I’ve been devouring books, articles, videos, documentaries – anything I can get my hands […]

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a very belated summary of my zero-waste month


During April, I decided to get involved with Give A Fork! month, hosted by Sustainable Table, where daily emails (as well as restaurants and sustainable companies getting involved) supported you through attempting to fit a month’s worth of waste into a jar of your choosing. It was quite a crazy decision, being the month in the […]

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rainbow mountain in photos


With a maximum altitude of over 5000m, this 6 hour hike was intense. Rainbow Mountain, known locally as Vinicunca, is everything and more that you see in the many photos of it. The hike both to and from this ‘highlight’ was unexpectedly incredible, with colours appearing and disappearing as the light changed. I took so […]

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