food swaps: connecting with food and community


What’s a food swap, you ask? To quote Local Harvest: Food Swaps are local gatherings where people swap excess homegrown produce and gardening extras. Items may include fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, seeds, seedlings, gardening tips and worm juice, but may easily extend to skills shares, stories and seasonal recipes. Swaps are generally money free and run on an […]

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4-ingredient no-bake pb balls


Here I was, ready to make a masterpiece… I had snagged some cacao nibs from The Source on sale I wanted to play around with, I had some dates that had been lying around for ages unused, and I wanted to use up some rolled oats and peanut butter before I leave. Prepared with coconut and […]

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kale and potato salad recipe for meat free monday

Kale and potato salad

It is Monday once again – a perfect opportunity to do yourself and the planet (and I guess an animal, too) a favour, and treat yourself with a Meat Free Monday. Need a recipe? How convenient. In my latest CERES Fair Food Box, amongst the many awesome ingredients were potatoes, beautiful green beans, leek and tuscan […]

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yes, i went dumpster diving

2015-08-27 23.13.43

While food waste is something that’s been playing on my mind for a while, dumpster diving and the real-world practicality of living off discarded food came onto my radar when I won tickets on Instagram to see an incredible documentary ‘Just Eat It’ at the Human Rights Arts & Musical Festival earlier in the year. Since then, […]

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