raw: may 2017

may 2017

HOW IS IT ALREADY THE END OF MAY?! My goodness, the year has whipped past. The semester is nearly over and I’m only about 6 months away from being a dietitian… Meep. Anyways, here’s a rap up of my fave 5 things from this month: 1.  It’s been so cool to see the ‘War on […]

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raw: april 2017

april 2017

With the weather cooling down and green turning to orange, April has definitely marked the beginning of a new season. I’ve been a bit of a homebody this month but that doesn’t mean a whole lot of things haven’t been going on. The year is racing by so I hope you’re taking a moment to be thankful! […]

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raw: march 2017


How has it gone by so fast? With wacky weather, a very different and hectic schedule, and taking every opportunity that comes my way, this month has been crazy. Here’s my highlights from March 2017. What were your favourites moments? 1. This month I received the Autumn edition of the beautiful Slow Magazine. I received a subscription for Christmas, […]

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raw: february 2017


I thought I might start doing a monthly sum up of five things I’ve loved each month. February has been an interesting one – a month of a lot of change but there’s also been so many exciting things going on. I’ve been devouring books, articles, videos, documentaries – anything I can get my hands […]

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dear mr prime minister

Kangaroo in the backyard

As part of The Green Pledge, I decided to write to three people in power to urge them to make changes regarding climate change. I’m a bit late, I know, but my Internet decided to cark it yesterday. I wanted to share my thoughts in an open letter to Tony Abbott. Because we all know […]

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my take on pete evans and the paleo diet

Chocolate fondant in Marrakesh, Morocco

The Paleo diet. Oh my goodness, the controversy has reemerged… yet again.  You haven’t heard of it? Have a quick Google and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’ll leave it up to the fanatics, whether for or against, to explain. Look, I like the concept of the Paleo diet. Reducing processed foods, sugar and […]

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poisoned by excess

2015-06-30 15.06.32

Last week, my grandmother (in her 80s) got a brand new mattress. For the first time ever. Yep, that’s right, she’s never owned a new mattress. And I think it’s so funny (not ha ha funny, but actually rather sad) that I was surprised by this. And so again, what I’d planned to post gets […]

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