barley is the bomb

2015-03-17 19.48.03

I think barley has been getting a bad rap lately and really lost traction. It’s considered one of the “pesky three” that contain gluten – although I’m sure most people with undiagnosed gluten intolerance probably attribute it to wheat alone. But I think barley needs to get back on the scene. It’s super simple to […]

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poisoned by excess

2015-06-30 15.06.32

Last week, my grandmother (in her 80s) got a brand new mattress. For the first time ever. Yep, that’s right, she’s never owned a new mattress. And I think it’s so funny (not ha ha funny, but actually rather sad) that I was surprised by this. And so again, what I’d planned to post gets […]

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give quinoa another go

2015-06-02 14.40.13

Quinoa. You’ve heard about it. You maybe can’t pronounce it (keen-wah, just in case you wanted to know). You probably know it’s an absurdly tiny grain (or seed if you’re being technical). And perhaps you’ve tried it once and wondered what on earth all the fuss was about? I’ve had multiple experiences with quinoa, and […]

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a photographic intro to raw travel: iceland

2015-01-02 09.45.43

It’s exam period. So I’m obviously thinking about everything except what I’m supposed to be. And, as per usual, that ‘everything’ mostly involves travel. To help myself detox a little, I thought I’d return to one of the highlights of my travels so far and get the raw travel ball rolling (an area of this blog I’m […]

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