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april 2017

With the weather cooling down and green turning to orange, April has definitely marked the beginning of a new season. I’ve been a bit of a homebody this month but that doesn’t mean a whole lot of things haven’t been going on. The year is racing by so I hope you’re taking a moment to be thankful! Sometimes I need reminding too… Here’s my faves from April. I hope you enjoy.


Dr Vandana Shiva is one cool lady, and was interviewed on a recent podcast on Sustainable World Radio. Not only does this podcast cover the goodness of pulses, but Vandana also delves into her life as an activist and what she fights for/against. You can find this episode below or on iTunes.

Making peace with the earth means recognizing our creative abilities and not being proud of our destructive capacity.

The Forgotten Richness of Pulses – Dr. Vandana Shiva


Although it’s shown up in my news feed a lot and it’s a bit of a shallow look at the issue, for a bit of a laugh, here’s an Ed Sheeran parody about food waste:


After hearing about Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning on a podcast recently, I started to try to jump-start my mornings by doing 5 minutes of yoga when I get up. Not only am I making obvious progress in my ‘abilities’ at yoga (I’m so inflexible and have always felt I struggle too much to do yoga anywhere but in my own home – thank goodness for YouTube), I feel so amazing on days where I do do it in the morning, and it also gets me in the mood for doing 5 minutes of mindfulness which I tend to do straight after. It’s also a great way to check in with your body, noticing any tightness and whether you’re being too sedentary throughout the day.

If you’re keen to start your mornings feeling energised and refreshed, here is my condensed playlist that I cycle through:

For a summary of the Miracle Morning, click here.


Dietitian Nutritionist McKel Hill from Nutrition Stripped is pretty much goals. She’s got all her stuff together, and one thing she does really well is batch cooking. This article is an awesome low-down on how to prepare large amounts of food in advance so can save time and you’re not stuck ravenously hungry, reaching for something non-nutritious and unsatisfying.

This month, McKel also did a ‘Healthy Eating Made Easy’ video and eBook series on the topic as well as a Facebook Live video – check them out! Since I’ve started getting a fortnightly food co-op order, I’m trying to get into the groove of meal planning and prepping a bit more so these resources have been so valuable.



A cute little video contradicting what we all believed: that money can’t buy you happiness. Spoiler alert:

So if you think money can’t buy happiness, you’re not spending it right. The implication isn’t you should buy this product instead of that product, and that’s the way to make yourself happier. It’s that you should stop thinking about which product to buy for yourself, and try giving some of it to other people instead.

Here’s to a happy May!

Tess x

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