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How has it gone by so fast? With wacky weather, a very different and hectic schedule, and taking every opportunity that comes my way, this month has been crazy. Here’s my highlights from March 2017. What were your favourites moments?


This month I received the Autumn edition of the beautiful Slow MagazineI received a subscription for Christmas, and it’s now something I look forward to arriving in the mailbox – and then savouring…slowly. It also coincidently features an article from the author of my number 3 for this month.

Slow is a quarterly Australian publication aimed at people who are curious about the slower things in life, and who want to create a thoughtful, sustainable (and fun and delicious) lifestyle. We love meaningful experiences in nature and at home, with food, fashion, travel, art, community and eco culture… We believe that good things take time, and that living mindfully (and meaningfully) can be done anywhere: city, country, or any place in between.



For those of you that live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I can’t more highly the weekly Local Food Connect newsletter. Not only is the website a resource in itself, the newsletter means your inbox can be filled with incredible events for foodies on all ends of the spectrum. It makes learning and meeting new like-minded people easy.



I bought The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World on a whim when I saw it was on sale on Amazon books – and I’m so glad I did. After learning when I visited the USA that some trees are able to communicate in ways we can’t imagine, I was eager to learn more. I think my Instagram post below explains it all:

So I just finished this book called The Hidden Life of Trees and just… You know how in Avatar how they’re studying the trees, and they’re all like ‘woah there’s electric currents between the trees – they can communicate’. Well, turns out that shit ain’t some fancy thing that’s exclusive to a blue-people, floating island, epic creature, spirit tree containing planet. IT HAPPENS WITH OUR TREES 🌳 Trees are total sneaky badasses that help each other out, live in families, impact climate, respond to ‘pain’, communicate with each other, have super smart ways of spreading their seed, can ‘hear’ and have some serious memory. So today I spent my 10 minutes of mindfulness amongst my tree friends 🙏 #hiddenlifeoftrees #mindfulness #iseeyou

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The Sacred Economics short film. Rob Greenfield, who I mentioned last month, said that this video changed his life, so I found it on YouTube. It’s super cool and explores how economic growth impedes on our connection with nature and other other people.

You can’t simply have community as an add-on to monetised life – you have to actually need each other.


Rewild Yourself Podcast Episode #121: Movement Ecology with Katy Bowman. In general, I love this podcast because (although extreme at times) it gives me some really interesting things to think about that I wouldn’t normally get exposure to in regards to fighting against domestication and embracing our natural instincts. This episode was particularly impactful, discussing stacking obligations, foraging, speciesism, putting work in for survival, exercise, evidence vs. wisdom and reconnecting with our food. You can either watch these podcasts on the website or on iTunes.


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